About Us

The Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Association is a non-profit organization of over 250 members currently committed to connecting the communities of the Delaware Valley. As individuals and as an organization, we are dedicated to preserving the memory of the martyrs and victims of the Holocaust. As direct descendants of Survivors, we share an obligation and profound commitment to honor the memories of our relatives by preserving our unique heritage and culture, and by educating our community on Holocaust issues. CJHSA encourages tolerance and equality as we fight bigotry and hatred. Our members are, in fact, a family of friends with similar backgrounds. We have formed special bonds as we share life experiences at social events and educational programs. And, we would welcome you to become one of us and feel what we feel—the exhilaration of being part of something special and contributing to something important.

Dedicated to making a difference

What we are working to achieve cannot be done by us alone. We join with and support other groups who share our goals.

  • Annual Yiskor Memorial Service at the Monument to the Six Million Jewish Martyrs in Philadelphia. Our paramount commitment is supporting and co-sponsoring this moving and informative event with the Yiskor Committee Endowment Fund of Federation. CJHSA members serve on the Yiskor Committee Endowment Fund Board, as well as on the Board of the Yiskor Planning Committee.
  • Philadelphia Holocaust Remembrance Foundation. CJHSA is an integral partner of the Foundation that has helped to institute the newly commemorated Horwitz-Wasserman Holocaust Memorial Plaza, designed to enhance the Monument to the Six Million Jewish Martyrs on Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway. Now open to the public.
  • Holocaust Section at Shalom Cemetery. We oversee the care and dignity of this hallowed ground and conduct our annual Kever Avoth Yiskor Service of Remembrance there.
  • JCRC Youth Symposium – Dorothy Freeman Breakfast. We participate with a Survivor Program and Speakers Bureau.
  • Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition. We are awards contributors to the creative arts competition at Philadelphia Moore College of Art.
  • Pennsylvania Education Task Force. We purchase Holocaust Educational Trunks used as teaching tools by the Task Force.
  • Gratz College and the Holocaust Awareness Museum at KleinLife. Our interest and support of this and other educational institutions have helped to organize statewide programs on the subject of Holocaust Awareness.
  • FIDF and Mogan David Adom. Our commitment to Israel is expressed in our support of these organizations.
  • Holocaust-Related Film Group and Yiddish Vinkle Gatherings. These important initiatives bring our members together and promote bonding. The selected films are based on Holocaust-related issues or feature stories of Jewish life and culture. They are shown at various area venues.
  • JCRC of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. We have a long and continuing history of working together.
  • CJHSA Speakers. We are pleased to provide speakers on Holocaust-related subjects for public and private institutions upon request.

Support of Israel

By working together with trust and understanding, we build a profound connection, create a broader consciousness, and a more thorough understanding of who we are as a Jewish people. Inspired by the prospect of peace and in anticipation of a better future, we stand proud for these great United States of America and support our homeland Eretz Yisroel. Continuing and strengthening the U.S.-Israeli alliance is imperative to who we are and what can be accomplished.

The Third Generation carries the torch

As a people, our history is unique. As children of Jewish Holocaust survivors, our heritage is extraordinary. It is essential, as the Second Generation, that we teach our children, the Third Generation—and their children—the lessons of the Holocaust. Your interest and involvement, joined with ours, are the keys to an even higher level of Holocaust awareness in the future. We urge you to become active with our organization as part of the Third Generation Group. You can do so by clicking here.