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The Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Association is a non-profit organization founded in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The organization is dedicated to preserving the memory of the martyrs and victims of the Holocaust. As direct descendents of Survivors, we share an obligation and profound commitment to honor our parents and relatives, preserve our unique heritage and culture, educate our community on Holocaust issues, fight bigotry and hatred and encourage tolerance and equality.

Some of the ways our involvement has served in making a difference are:

* CJHSA’s Philadelphia Film Education series
* Working together with JCRC of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia
* Yiskor committee endowment fund, co-sponsoring the annual Yiskor Memorial service on Yom HaShoah, at the Monument to the six million martyrs, at 16th and the Parkway in Philadelphia.
* Maintaining the annual Yiskor Memorial Service of remembrance at Shalom Cemetery.
* Participating in the JCRC Youth Symposium Breakfast with a Survivor Program and Speakers Bureau.
* Sharing in the Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition.
* Working together in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Education Task Force.
* Our interest at Gratz College and other educational institutions has helped to organize statewide programs on the subject of Holocaust Awareness.
* Our commitment to Israel

For more information, contact CJHSA's answer line at (215) 947-1158 and please leave your name and phone number and a brief message or email us at

We thank you for your interest in CJHSA and welcome your visits to learn more about the efforts we are taking to promote our mission.

The Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Association

Board Members:
Mim Krik, President
Rita Ratson, Vice President
Jake Sztejman, Vice President
Marion Wiener, Secretary
Sandy Kopyt, Corresponding Secretary
Lou Blady, Treasurer
Nancy Blady, Asst. Treasurer
Janet Goldberg-Shapiro, Vice President Communications

Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors
Association of Philadelphia
P.O. Box 1127
Jenkintown, PA 19046

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