Fundraising & Scholarships




The Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Association is a non-profit organization. We work together with many institutions that complement our mission in striving to reach a higher level of Holocaust Awareness throughout our community and the world. Our intention is to broaden this perspective and encourage the participation of our members as well as others who have a similar profound interest in Holocaust related issues.

Your support and contributions are always welcome.


Our scholarship program works in a unique way.

Learning institutions are chosen based on their inclusion of a Holocaust studies program. They are voted upon on an annual basis by our Executive Board. The institution is responsible for selecting which student, presently involved in Holocaust studies, is eligible. A scholarship is awarded to the institution based on specified criteria; present status and future intentions of continued Holocaust educational studies at the specified educational facility. The program is scrutinized for its Holocaust education and awareness content.  A scholarship is awarded to the selected institution and the institution is responsible for the distribution of said scholarship to the  selected student.

Some of the recent funds distributions are:
Gratz College
Mordechai Anielewicz Creative Arts Competition
JCRC Youth Symposium
Holocaust Speakers Bureau
Holocaust Yiskor Memorial Fund
Mogan David Adom